A Dramatic Talk

Finally, I got to deliver the Kawasaki Girl speech today. I modified it a little and retitled it as "A Christmas Ride with my Kawasaki Girl" It was a hit! And I loved preparing and delivering it. AG Bobbie gave a nice feedback to my speech. The text and the pics used in the speech may be seen here.

As in previous speeches, the most liked about my speech delivery were the eye contact, gestures, body movement and the voice. In tonight's speech I felt I grabbed the audience really well. All eyes were on me and my eyes on EACH of them. I thought I'd be awkward with my props (pictures of Sandra at age 2 and 10) and a sample vial. Well, the vial didn't go too great as I pulled it out of my pocket as though it was a business card. I should've laid it down on the table with the pics.

Bobbie's evaluation reflected what I thought the audience felt in my Dramatic Talk. I particularly liked what she wrote on my manual as she completed her evaluation. It read "It is my honor to put my name in a champion's manual." Wow. That was SO very nice. Thanx Bobbie! Here's a shot of Bobbie giving me the token I should've received at the October Midyear Conference at Antipolo. Photo courtesy of Gil B.

Gosh, my arms look so massive in this picture.

Today was actually NXP's Christmas Party at their parking lot. I wasn't sure if the Toastmasters meeting will push through, but apparently I learned from the guard that the Club were expecting us, the guest evaluators. With the band playing (SpongeCola) in the parking lot, it was tough to find parking! I recognized an ex-officemate Neleus S.G. coming over and nonchalantly asked him if he was leaving so I could take his slot. He wasn't. But ever so kind, he offered to move his car a bit so I could move in. That was when he finally recognized me. He was so surprised to see me there! He pointed out to me some more available parking.

Luckily I found a spot right behind the cafeteria side. Another ex-officemate I bumped into was George S. He immediately recognized me and I quickly patted him on the shoulder as we passed each other.

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