I Could Tread Forever!

That's how I felt before I got out of the pool today.

Today after arriving at the pool, I immediately noticed that the water surface was high. I couldn't even see the thick blue marker on the wall anymore. That's about the maximum height that the water gets. YES! The water itself though wasn't any clearer than last week. And the smell of chlorine, ugh! I saw clumps of chlorine powder clinging to the walls already. Still, I felt excited that the water will be deeper today to practice the eggbeater kick.

So, I started with my first drill, Lap Eggbeater with Kickboard. After a little while it gets boring though. Also, my foot and ankle seem to strain a bit. It's probly coz I'm rushing to the other end of the pool's length to get it over with. At least it sufficiently stretched the ankles' ligaments though. Then I went to the Stationary Eggbeater with Kickboard. This got a little boring too that I wanted to throw the kickboard! I certainly felt that I didn't need it.

The Lap Eggbeater without a Kickboard is really easy especially since the body is assisted by the sculling of the arms. Somehow though, I think it kinda puts the body in a more clumsy position as compared to the vertical eggbeater. The Stationary Eggbeater without the Kickboard is the more challenging and interesting. Like I said before, you could really get crazy with it. The water was beyond my nose (near my eyes) at the deepend. With my strongest eggbeater and arm sculling, the highest I could muster was my shoulders and part of upper arms showing. This morning, I did 10 minutes straight of this stationary eggbeater. YES!

In the morning at the office was the teambuilding activities held at the greenfield. Wow. Totally exhausting - especially the group sack race. There were three events.

  1. Obstacle Course - With partners tied at the ankle, go under a line and around a chair. We had to squat really low to clear the ropeline. The inside and backside of my thighs were fried!
  2. Move the balls across - Needs strategy to move balls in a pail across a "river".
  3. Group Sack Race. The team performs the sack race inside a giant sack moves to get a flag from three trees.
Actually, I was super amazed at my stamina in the sack race. I was able to keep up really well with the rest of my team and we won! After the race, the others who were much much younger than me just had to sit and rest. Me, I just got a drink of water and rested while standing. I was really surprised at myself. The activity exhausted everyone. Some pics:

After a very long wait, free Jollibee lunch came courtesy of the boss. The motorcycle delivery guy even drove his bike to the greenfield. I just grabbed my share and took off to the pool for a short noontime workout.

I even forgot to put on sunscreen before the shower in my rush. Anyways, I still put on after the shower - and the stuff sticks to the skin inspite of being wet. Luckily, at the end of the pool a small palm was giving shade and that's were I did almost half an hour of eggbeatering! Wow! Drills I could do are:

  1. Both arms stretched sideways.
  2. Raising the pointy finger of both hands out of the water.
  3. Raising one hand up to the wrist while the other sculls.
  4. Saluting with one hand while the other sculls.
Stuff that I tried and still couldn't do:
  1. Putting one hand at the back or on top of the head.
  2. Raising both hands out of the water.
Maybe next time I'll try at least raising one arm.
Later in the afternoon, the insides and backsides of both thighs were still sore.

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