Worm and Spider

More Gift-Buying
Kids wanted to go back to Southmall buy more gifts (for teachers and classmates this time). As for me, I bought a small combination padlock for my locker at the office. Some shmuck must've stolen the padlock that I left on top of my locker and I need to replace that with something similar. I also bought a new pair of workgloves (leather and denims made) since the pair given by Nette had deteriorated. Later, I went to Casio to order a new strap for my swim watch. Hope they have it in stock after I call in two weeks. Duct tape's holding my watch as of this moment.

Renz, Sandra and I mostly stayed thereafter at the Book Sale and I chanced upon Renz engrossed in a book he was 'reading'. There were many people there and somehow Renz found a tiny space to seat himself. Looks like we have a little bookworm here.

Renz was shouting today asking to take a picture of a spider he found in front.

Later Sandra gave a gift (coming from the 4 of them) as an anniversary gift.

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