Painful Lunges

30 minutes of eggbeaters at noon. There was no water when I got there. I only realized it after I've slopped on the sunscreen and opened the shower knob - no water. Luckily there was a generator and someone put it on.

I made the eggbeater session interesting by moving with some laps of elemback, side and headsup breast. Today, I was thinking. Maybe there's ought be a swimming stroke where the eggbeater kick is utilized. I've described this in a previous post where I felt like a spider crawling across its web. The arms scull alternatingly pretty much like in the dog paddle. The legs however do not flutter kick but rather do alternate breaststroke kicks. It feels like 'walking' in the water. It's very slow, but still, it's cool! Hmmm, what if I just call it the "Spider Crawl" or the "DJ Spinner"?

I'm still unsure how to correct this, but when I don't use my arms to scull and just use the legs to eggbeater, I move backwards. Like today, I put my arms on my hips while I eggbeater. I eventually hit the wall with my back.

I felt a little depressed yesterday coz of the persistent pain in my right knee. I couldn't manage lunges anymore as it can become painful past the vertical/ perpendicular. My strong hunch is my weight. And so, I'm officially embarking on a redux program starting... Today! The program will be simple and will be as follows:
  1. In the morning it's "No swim, no eats".
  2. Stay with veggies.
  3. Nothing after 6pm.
I'm trying to keep it simple so it's easy to follow. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow's Christmas Party at the office so parking's been moved to the greenfield since today. In recent years, the party's been pretty much so-so. Same old managers 'serving', it's become a bore. There are no departmental presentations, nothing - just paid talents. I mostly yawn in the entire thing that I'm thinking of skipping it this year.

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