Renz's Christmas Cantata

No workout today. We (DH, Tita Gay and I) attended Renz's Christmas Cantata at school today after which I took DH to her office. There were many parents but I thought there were more parents the years before during his ates' times. But we wanted our presence and support felt by the little guy and so we were there. Renz's class came in 8th in the order of presentation, so we managed to see the other numbers as well. They were all good. I thought the grade 6 medley was very good. Of course, the most applauded and well attended were the pre-schoolers and the kindergartens.

Here's a pic while the kids were waiting at the classroom. It was a loooong wait. That's DH and Tita Gay in the background.

Renz's performance was A-ok! The guy CAN dance. Here's a shot of the group doing the "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". I didn't have time to get still pics of the dance and so I just took "still" shots from the video.

Here's a series of Renz's pics. These too were taken from the videos and pasted together.

I thought Renz's class presentation was very short though - so 10-bits. The song was just one stanza and the other parents were a little disappointed. Ah well, at least I managed to get most of it on video, including the funny incident that happened on the way to the stage. Later in the evening, the ates' had a blast watching the videos. Here's a sample video clip.

Maybe it's the mefenamic acid I took or is it the Taheebo tea? Anyway, the pain I had in my right knee went away. For a couple of days now, I've been taking the My-Marvel Taheebo tea, so that MAY be it.

I didn't linger too long after "serving" at the Office Christmas Party. Well, there wasn't much to do at serving coz this year, they decided to have the employees line up instead at the booth - for good measure. I thought it was faster that way. I hope this "serving" can be archived already. It pretty much lost it's novelty. Besides, I've got enough aprons and Santa Claus hats already. Oh, Ate Flor again gave me a bottle of wine this year. Thanx Ate Flor! Here's the group at the party. All arms are on the table. Does this group look bored to you?

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