Cold but no Tomas

Gosh it was cold today. Easterly winds were strong and I thought we'd have a typhoon in "Tomas". Luckily it wasn't strong enough. But the overcast skies yesterday were enough to chill the pool water.

I just learned a new workout session after a brief warm-up. It goes like this:
  1. At the deep end, tread for 5 to 10 minutes using the eggbeater kick.
  2. From the deep end, start to move to the shallow end with a heads-up breast.
  3. Continue moving towards the shallow end using sidestroke or elemback (or you could be a little more flexible here).
  4. Upon reaching the shallow end, reverse using a heads-up breast.
  5. After gaining a little speed, continue with a fierce polo freestyle.
  6. Upon reaching the deep end, do the eggbeater treading again.
The above sequence ensures active-rest and is a good way to build conditioning. There's no point at all in the workout where the feet plant on the ground to really rest. Because of the continuous workout, there was no stopping that made the body feel the cold. Actually I almost decided to wear the rash guard today. With this kind of a workout, I may not need it as much.

After a long time of working out alone, there was a lad there today who I thought was one of the kids who had advanced coaching last summmer. He did the usual, free and breast. He must've been wondering what the heck it was I was doing.

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