Christmas Party at Greenspring Resort Pansol

I left early today at the office to fetch DH and Weng at the office. As I was rushing out the office, I was pissed off when my newly bought locker padlock reset itself as I fumbled with it. Damn! That pretty much screwed my afternoon. Anyway I reached DH's office and we left there at almost 5pm already. What a traffic jam it was at Calamba coming out from the expressway! We were dismayed that the shortcut we knew at Zafra motors was closed! There was a new sign saying 'Do Not Enter' with an enforcer directing traffic. And we had no recourse but to go to Crossing and to the natioal road on the way to Pansol. Aargh! Apparently that shortcut has now become just an exit during rush hours. The road to Villa Morales was the shortcut entry and we should've followed the rest of the vehicles entering there.

We were headed to GreenSpring Resort but the map didn't seem correct. There was a guide there who mistakenly pointed us to a 'public' GreenSpring. But then the owner said that there's a 'private' GreenSpring and that's where we were headed.

We reached to the right place before 7pm. Almost immediately we donned suits and went swimming. There were a couple singing at the videoke machine. The pool area is small. It even had a slide. The deepest end probly rose to 5.5 feet at its deepest. My eggbeating worked really well. I was wondering though why I seemed to float and tread much more easily there. Probly the depth. I had no difficulty getting BOTH HANDS (not arms yet) out of the water where waterline was at the wrists. Outstretched arms with thumbs up were easy. I could even do this "spurting fountain" with the hands.

At around 8:30pm we had dinner. Here we are with our outfits still dripping wet. I didn't towel off. I just put on a shirt.

We had a great dinner: Inihaw na Tilapia, Ginataang lamang-loob, Itlog na Maalat, Lechong Manok, Tomatoes, Mangoes and Eggplant (where's the bagoong?). Really mouth-watering was the Barbecued Pork Liempo and hotdogs which smelled soooh goood even when we were swimming. And we all had these - kamayan-style.

With Emma J. As usual, I ate a lot - and that was a mistake for further swimming. They also had Gin with Milo drink. Interesting.

That's Ronnie the event organizer and Weng.

Here's a bigger group there. That's Perry in the red. We had a rather lengthy discussion on, what else, military outfits and weapons.

After the dinner, we got back to the pool. I burped and felt good but I just had eaten too much. The consequence? I felt full and I grew tired fast. So my notion that "I could tread forever" was shattered. I could still eggbeater. There was no pain in the knees or hips. But I grew tired easily coz some or all of the following:
  1. I was too full. Swimming and a full stomach just don't mix. Time and time again I need to remind myself of that.
  2. The water was too warm for my taste. I could feel my hair and my head getting cold with the cool night air but the body remains warm. Maybe the warm water made me more tired than usual.
  3. I was already tired. Plus the fact that it was already late made me sleepy. I was already yawning. So that was a sign.
With all that, here's my learning: Swim first, eat little, swim again, eat more (assuming there's still some left) before going home. No alcohol.

We finished and showered at 11pm. The resort had 4 guest rooms so there was no problem getting showers. The group had games. They had this 'Pinoy Henyo' game where you really need to ask the right questions to guess the word on the paper pasted on your forehead. Corz, DH doesn't watch this show and had a hard time asking the right questions to guess correctly. We went home earlier than the rest at 12am with Weng and Perry.

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