New Strap

Woke up late today after that night swimming. The kids too woke up late. The munsci kids had their Christmas party yesterday. DH, Sandra, Renz and I went today to SM Southmall. Me, to pickup the new wrist strap I ordered for my Casio swim watch a week ago and to buy another padlock. Just on a whim, I looked at the literature of the packaging. I put the dials at 0-0-0 and whala, it reset! To put on a new code, just follow the instrucions:

The new strap for the watch cost me Php250. Yah, just a strap. It's an original replacement though. I guess these rubber straps are tough. The old one was torn coz I unintentionally shoved it into some protruding object. With a couple of pieces of duct tape holding it together, it isn't funny anymore. I'll be more careful with this one. Got a fnew technique for wearing and unwearing the strap so it doesn't get yanked so much. There may not be a ready strap available the next time around. I was about to buy that "knee" book but Php350 was still too much for me.

I thought of and tried a new knee exercise today. The idea is to flex the front quads while in a sitting position. The cue to this exercise is to push out the foot foward even if it's planted on the ground. The knee should be vertically ahead of the planted foot. If the foot gets ahead of the knee and push out, I get the exact pain I'm trying to avoid. It's an isometric exercise where you flex for 10 seconds and then rest. I think the flexing of the muscles around (above the knee actually) also strengthens the knee itself.

Sandra had her eyeglasses fixed by The Optical Shop for free. The top side of the lens popped out of its frame and now it's back in.

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