We decided to leave the house at 11am, water the plants and go to Pampanga for a late lunch at 2pm. The timing was right! Not much traffic on the road of 105 kilometers from Binan to Pampanga. Whew! Here's our lunch. Yup, those are raw greens - Mustard (mustasa) leaves to be exact. We had buro for the leaves, fried hito, batchoy, dinuguan and a special pineapple pata. We also had melon juice for drinks.

The Mustard leaves with buro is something we Kapampangans love to eat and I'm amazed at DH's liking this as well. And she has this style of wrapping the buro with the raw (yes, bitter) mustard leaves like it were a real exotic delicacy. She's fun to watch too when she does it.

Later in the night, we had some singing. They have a new Extreme Magic Sing machine and a new TV at the house and so Renz, Sandra and I hammed it up.
Here's Renz so overjoyed with his singing.

Here's Sandra and Renz with their duet of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and A-B-C-D. Heck, they even got the highest score of 99 for Twinkle!

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