It's Christmas

Some playing at the porch.

Tito Ludel came with the 2 kids. Here's tito messing up the hair of Renz.

Here's everybody with Jess taking the pic. Notice Jing-jing's pa-pogi effect.

Finally, we decided to wrap up and leave at 10:30am. The kids were becoming restless to open their presents at home.

The kids, all smiles at home with the unopened gifts displayed. The lighted Christmas Tree almost toppled as Sandra was pulling the gifts from underneath.

Assembling Renz's new toy - the car set tracks.

I joined the two tables for the car set tracks. These will be joined until the end of the vacation. Don't know if the cars will last that long though. Here's our version of the assembled set.

Here's Renz going wild over the Yellow "Let's Go" Car that Karen managed to run.

We were supposed to go to Makati for their Christmas Party but I was too tired and fatigued to drive. I guess the effects of the late night swimming last Friday and the Pampanga long drive was taking its toll on me. My legs felt like lead and I wasn't feeling well enough to stay up late for the games and the drive from Makati afterwards.

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