12.5m is too short

No swim the other day coz it was drizzling and really cold.
No swim yesterday coz I took Sandra early to school as their class was sponsoring the mass. It was still too early (and dark!) to go to the pool though. But as I got to the office, I thought I should've brought some walking shorts and shirt coz it was a nice, cool morning to walk and stretch. Maybe next time. The air was cool this morning even without a breeze. I could feel the cold air after the shower.

With better conditioning, I'm finding the 12.5m length at the deepend is getting too short or 10-bits for hufree (headsup freestyle or polo freestyle). This morning I did a couple of hufree by turning quickly at one corner and then coming back hufree again. I'd rather not use the entire 25m length of the pool coz the shallow end is too shallow for any effective eggbeater kicks. And that is how I want to rest actively - doing eggbeater kicks - and no stepping on the floor. Maybe tomorrow I'd do laps (2 lengths of 12.5m) doing hufree while fresh. Then I could proceed with the other utility strokes.

I tried positioning the radio near the pool today for a better signal. I noticed that the signal becomes worse when I put it on the ground near the pool's gutter. It's better when it's on a table in the cottage which is a little further and that's where it was today. Corz I had to turn it fullblast for me to hear it clearly. Tomorrow I'll put a string on the radio and tie it a little higher up in one of the poles there to see if I get a better reception. Putting it on the ground anywhere seems a no-no. Either that or the pool water may have something to do with it. I've read that ripples in a pond could affect reception with something called "multi-path distortion". Ah well, I'll just give it a try just the same.

Ah, problems and shitty stuff. With what we pay for and the bunch of hassles we go through with govt servants at the municipal hall to get the biz permits, we should be considered either martyrs or fools. This kept bugging me for much of yesterday. Somehow today, after swimming, I feel better somewhat.

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