First Swim 2007

Brrrr! The water today was freezing! But since I had this resolve to swim on the first working day of the year to start the year right, I jumped on in, even without the rashguard. The first few seconds were really tough. I did hubrst (heads-up breaststroke) very briskly for 2 laps. Another thing I noticed was the level was very low - lower than normal. That confined me to the deepend (which wasn't deep now) most of the time. I brushed the floor a couple of times too with the eggbeaters.

Since I've now started the year right with my swimming at least. Here are a few of my resolutions:
  1. Swim everyday (or at least when I'm not sick or it isn't raining).
  2. Eat more veggies, less meat.
  3. No swim, no eats. If I don't swim, I don't have a rice breakfast.
  4. Half cup of rice everytime at the office.
  5. Follow the "After-6" diet - this time, everyday, even on weekends.
  6. Brush teeth at 6pm to get that "I'm-clean-no-more-food-for-me" feeling.
  7. Do knee exercises everyday to strengthen the knees.
  8. Do weights for bone density.
The first 6 resolutions are meant to support my resolve to lose weight this year. Yup, I'm targetting to lose 20 lbs with this regimen. Tall order, I know, but I will try.

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