New Year 2007

No, we didn't buy firecrackers like we used to in the previous years. No more trumpillos, no more Roman candles. Why? Me, personally, I've had too much of the smoke already. We just bought some kid luces (sparklers), some pop-pops (a hit with the kids) and a very small box of baby missiles.

Here's DH lighting the baby missiles box with a sparkler.

Renz and Che lighting a couple of sparklers.

Renz dancing around lighted sparklers.

Sandra joining making it look like some kind of a ritual.

Only Renz missed the 12 midnight jumping coz he was just too tired.

Just a restful day. Here are the kids at the hammock.

We've got many hotdogs so we roasted a few.

We finished watching the "War of the Worlds" video today which we started last year 2006 (just last night, actually).

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