The Running Man

Traffic jam at the junction was bad. There was a stalled van but the road was really just wide enough for 2 lanes - no shoulder, no dirt, nothing. That strip is being widened but it seems so long to finish. Luckily there were a couple of drivers who seem to know what they were doing and asked folks to back up (me included). Anyway, after 10 minutes, I managed to pull out from the gridlock.

It drizzled today at the pool and the water's colder I think. But I don't mind it anymore. I thought of a stroke that's similar to walking or running and managed to do it. It's pumping the arms with close fists and feet so it does look like running but tilted more forward - hence, the "Running Man". It's cool. The body sinks a little more but can be managed with relaxation and proper breathing. Although the hand is closed to a fist, the forearms and upperarms actually help in the thrust.

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