Coldest so far

I have to say that the water today is the co-co-ccccooooldest so far. It was so cold that it took 3 laps around just to warm up and tolerate the temp. By this time, even the pool staff probably wonder how I could go in and swim practically everyday with the cold weather. Well, I'm already losing weight so why stop now? I shaved before showering today.

I tried eggbeating while on my back. Other than it was faster than I thought, it also wasn't splashy. There was no bouncing unlike the previous inverted scissors. I think it is because in the previous inverted scissors, the legs kicked simultaneously and so when the recovered simultaneously, a BIGGER wave is moved/splashed back. I also did the transition of carrying on my right, transition to back, transition to left.

Another thing I tried today was just pumping my legs up and down like climbing a stair. My arms were pumping vertically too. It sounds and looked so simple. It's easy to do but can only do it with easy, relaxed and controlled breathing. This drill is a welcome break to the "foot-outside-the-knees-outside-the-hips" bending. I'll be using this as a mainstay so as not to overuse the knees.

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