Pool Radio

January 10, 2007
This must be my longest workout so far - One hour and 20 mins. I started at 7:20 and finished at 8:40 and this is to catch the Bgay Clearance which again wasn't available yet at 9am. The runner just didn't come back so I left the bgay hall since I was supposed to have a TM meeting at 9:30am which I later found was moved back.

Anyway, for today's workout, I adjusted the carrying arm. I put it on my waist with the elbow pointing upwards. Sounds easy, but what a difference it makes. The head sinks more because the cog (center of gravity) now moves towards the chest and with the elbow out, its heavier. It's now just the face that shows.

The radio signal was much better today. I just didn't notice that the sun's gone up and the radio was NOT in shade. Maybe it's better to remember to put the radio directly under the palmeras. But then again, I don't swim THAT late everyday.

There was a lola with several kids strolling at the poolside today. The kids were particularly excited to see a pool so I gathered that they weren't from the village. I asked lola where they were from and was told that they just lived very near the pool and yes, it's the first time they saw it. The lola asked me why I was alone. I said I'm always alone. The cold mornings and cold water probly deter people from swimming. Yup, I don't think anybody will be swimming here for quite a while.

Later in the morning I went back to the hall and finally got the clearance. That's 4 visits in 2 days! They were very apologetic but... I could only just shake my head.

Later in the afternoon, I was feeling warmer than usual and broke into a light sweat. Not only that I was also thirsty. So I bought this Tropicana Twister drink from Pepsi. Bad mistake. It was too sweet and sugary. Ugh. It didn't even have the proper ingredient labeling. And it's a Pepsi product at that. So much for that. I'll just take water.

Surprisingly, I'm no longer getting that terrible "pain-in-the-neck" feeling at work. Maybe my back and neck muscles are more flexible and stronger now because of the "heads-up" drills. Now, I'm no longer quick to ask for paracetamol and mefenamic acid just for the neck soreness. I also don't rub and massage my traps with Tiger Balm which may be soothing to me but annoy others at the office with the smell.

January 9, 2007
Twice Today
Funny, but this morning my skin felt warm like feverish. But I didn't mind it too much and jumped into the pool just the same. The wind chill factor was bad, but that won't matter when I'm in the pool already. After a couple of laps around the pool, it was all good. The radio signal was not too good with the radio station frequency mixing up with another.. Yesterday, it was just working fine. Maybe I should just position it near the gutter, so I could readjust the channel/tuner if need be. It's just a waste having the radio on without understanding anything. Corz the downside is the risk that it might get hit or splashed by the hose or the pool boy.

Because of the damned Barangay Clearance, I went back to the Hall but still didn't get the clearance. I did get the Php100 change owed to DH though. The guys there were Ding and Toma Cruz. Since I was already there, I went back to the pool and swam for 20 mins for some stress-relieving exercise. The water was still cool at 2:30pm. From there, I went to Arlene's Clinic and gave her a check for Php3736. This is their rent refund.

I did learn a cool move though. Today, I put together a sequence for a simulated save and this comprises an approach, leveling and the carry.
  1. The approach is done by a polo freestyle to one end.
  2. The simulated leveling is done by eggbeatering in place and raising the left arm (or both arms) up.
  3. The carry is done by doing an inverted scissors on the back and the right arm doing shallow sculling. The left arm is horizontal and is above water.
This stroke is very strong and movement across the pool is very fast.

January 8, 2007
Radio at the Pool
I brought the radio to the pool today. Sometimes though I wonder if I should've gotten the 2-speaker portable instead. But then I only use it for a few minutes in a day. I suppose it's loud enough if I am at the deepend where the radio is. And what's more important is that I get the correct frequency. The reception isn't as good as when I'm at home. Ah well. at least it works.

DH was there today to get the Barangay Clearance and the renewed DTI Certificate. She got the DTI certificate for a hefty Php900, but only Php300's written on the receipt. Yup, THAT bad.

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