My Eggbeater Kick Videos

After watering the plants in the morning, we proceeded to Pavilion to see some of the refs as we were planning to buy a new one. Going to Abenson's, we noticed that The Sports Depot (Adidas Outlet) was having a 50% Off Sale! DH bought a couple of bags and shirt. Me, I saw a pair of Adidas Storm Goggles at Php265 down from Php525. Wow, I've never had Adidas coz it's an expensive brand so at that sale price, I took it. It's antifog, anti-scratch (really?), with UV protection and a spare nosebridge.

In the afternoon, after lunch, we decided to go swimming at the pool. There were no review classes for today and everyone's available, so what the heck. Che's stye in the eye is getting better too. I think it's the first time that we didn't bring lunch there and brought only snacks. On the way, we bought Japanese Corn. After an hour of swimming we munched on the corn. Here's Renz giving me the attitude with his corn.

Renz relents and offers me his corn (cob, that is), which by now already looks like a wilted flower.

Renz doing the starfish float with lot of "support" from me of corz.

Che, Dada and Karen all practiced their backstrokes which I thought were good. Here's Renz doing a perfect freestyle from head to waist. It's completely ruined though with me holding his legs.

The kids showing buoyancy principles in the water. Renz is carried by Sandra, Sandra by Karen and Karen (painstakingly) by Che.

The four attempting to do simultaneous jumps.

I'm not sure if Renz wants to learn swimming . . . or bicycling in this pic.

After 3 hours at the pool, we went on to Waltermart Abenson for DH to see more refs and for me to find a suitable portable radio that I could bring over to the pool for those times when morning sessions become boring. Here's the cassete/radio I got for Php1,280. Too bad I didn't bring my Abenson Plus Card.

After Waltermart we were thinking where to take dinner. We chanced upon a Tuding's at Carmona. The place isn't too bad. Well-lit, it's open and airy and we could see Petron gas station and cars passing by.

Here's the gang after dinner. I don't know why but the kids loved the food. But it's just so simple: fried pork chop, tocino and fried egg. Sandra burped so loud that Karen said she burps "like a man".

Finally, here are the eggbeater videos that were taken by DH:
Here's a normal eggbeater kick with the hands sculling:

Here's a hands-up eggbeater kick with the hands out - water level at midforearm:

Finally, an inverted scissors kick:

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Anonymous said...

hi i am probably in the same situation as you were a few years ago, i can swim okay but can't tread and dread to venture into deep end of the pool. i am also trying to transition between heads-up breast stroke and u think this will work? also I was amazed to see your egg easy was that to learn....i wish i could do it as well....huh!

Blackdove said...

If you can already do a relaxed heads-up breaststroke, then you're already close to treading. What you need to more of though is to make it vertical.

The advantage of eggbeater though is that you don't bob up and down the water unlike when you're doing breaststroke kicks. Good luck!