More Stamina

Today, I planned on staying later at the pool to get this year's car pass. Yup, Php300 for a piece of paper to get in the village where the pool is located. But lots happened today. Here are some of the breakthroughs:
  1. Frogkicking on back with both hands out of the water. The hands are parallel and vertical. In the past, this was a little harer to do. But today, I surprised myself. Maybe it's the improved stamina from all the non-stop eggbeatering in previous weeks? Maybe it's the better breathing control technique hence the improved buoyancy? The hint here is to frog kick downwards. Keep the legs low in the water. If they're near the surface, the recovery of the legs causes splashback to the face.
  2. Eggbeatering with the water level at mid-forearms for 1.5 minutes. Just yesterday, I tried this and couldn't get more than just a few seconds. Wow. Just focus on stirring up the water under the feet with the soles. Short but quick eggbeaters.
  3. Managed to put on and remove the goggles with BOTH hands while eggbeatering. Thee was no way I could do this before other than on an hubrst with 1 hand paddling and the other hand pitifully fiddling the goggles and adjusting it ONE EYE AT A TIME. Good thing I wore my goggles today. Actually, I was thinking of freestyling coz the water was clear yesterday. With the goggles on my forehead, and both hands OUT of the water, I was able to put on and remove the goggles without the previous bouncing and bobbing and fiddling. Cool! Just remember to relax and control the breathing well so the mouth stays above water.

Now I'm thinking of weights. Not weights as in dryland weightlifting - but weights to use IN THE WATER. This is to simulate the actual towing or carrying. I was thinking of using a 10-lb. weight plate at home, but I fear it might chip, crack or scratch the pool's floor tiles. So I'm searching for ideas like:
  1. Covering the plate with a tire interior. The rubber will protect the tiles. It'll be compact but weird-looking too. I mean, folks would have to wonder what the heck is that thing I'm carrying to the pool.
  2. Encase the plate in an old nylon or synthetic leather kind of a bag. Maybe a clutch bag or a small shoulder bag will not be so conspicous - or is it? Well, at least it's not so weird-looking when I take it out of my swimbag. Another advantage of using a bag is I could adjust the poundage for the weight. I've got so many small plates so I could put in any number of plates there. Hmmmm. I could even think of games. How about putting in and taking out plates from the bag underwater? Hey, now there's an idea! And I just thought of it right now!
On the homefront, it's back to school for the kids. Munsci kids and Renz started last Wednesday while Sandra started yesterday. Here's Renz coloring while "indian-sitting" on the stool. He's small so he still fits on top of it.

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