Hands Out of the Water

Finally, I was able to eggbeater kick with BOTH hands out of the water. It wasn't easy though. With the water level at my wrists, I tread in 1 minute and 15 secs when my legs became tired. While doing this, the soles of my feet seemed more sensitive of the water as they mixed it up. Corz, I had to speed up the eggbeater too. Another factor was breathing. I need to control the breathing so that there's really more air. So there are the hints:
  1. Pump the lower legs faster.
  2. Feel the stirring of the water with the soles of the feet so you can get the technique for increasing thrust.
  3. Control the breathing so you have more air in the lungs at any given time. It's like holding the breath more.
Later I tried raising my arms more so that the water level was at mid-forearms. Nope, only managed 3 seconds maybe, until my feet just brushed the floor. I guess that's the thing, if the pool isn't deep enough, there's no way to eggbeater with both ARMS up. The body will somehow sink deeper and the legs need to pump more and more deeply to keep the thrust. But how do you pump deeply in a shallow pool?

I think my conditioning is becoming better with the non-stop activity at the pool (active rest). I don't tire anymore as often and heavily gasp for air when I do the polo freestyle strokes.

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