When is the Pool Water Cold?

is When, after your swim, you shower and find that the tap water is so nice and warm. But it was actually cold when you showered BEFORE you got in the pool!

Talk about cold. Going to the pool, it was cloudy. And when I got at there, it even started to drizzle. I also felt hesitant coz I have this scratch on my face. But I had petroleum jelly and I smeared a little so it'll be a bit "waterproof". I had to rethink my options and finally I just decided to go ahead since I was already there. They put in new water. The level was higher and was a little greenish though not murky.

It's really the first few seconds when the cold water bites. And for these few seconds, I swim a couple of very brisk hubrst (heads-up breaststroke) and stir up the water. Thereafter, it's pretty okay AS LONG AS YOU DON'T STOP MOVING. And that's the key. It was hard before when I didn't know how to eggbeater kick. I swear I've gone into some sort of zen state coz all of a sudden I realized the rain had stopped. For 45 minutes, I was eggbeatering and doing polo lengths non-stop. It was fun and quickly forgot about the cold.

In that zen state, I kept remembering, why do the eggbeater at all? Well, the most important reason is that it allows you to tread at a constant height. Unlike the frog and scissor kicks, eggbeater kicking doesn't have the bouncing, bobbing motion that sometimes makes you dizzy if done for long periods of time. With eggbeatering the water level is almost always at my chin. From afar it appears that I'm just standing with water at my chin level. I even appear walking when I eggbeater ala 'spider stroke' across the length. It's easy to fool anybody who doesn't know I'm deep water. I could even show my hands as though I wasn't sculling.

Just as I got in the shower area I bumped into Mr. Gayboy, one of the schmucks who works at the place. He was shampooing his hair right in front of the mirror in his underwear! He probly fancies himself as a shampoo model of some sort. Ah well, at the office, I was sweating and that to me was a sign of a good workout.

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