It's Summer!


You know it's summer when you realize you're not the only one in the pool anymore. Aside from P, a girl was there with her mom for some competetive laps. They too were in a Revo. I was very early actually coz I took Sandra to school as their Homemaker's Club were sponsoring the mass.

I passed by the apartment and was dismayed to see the newly installed sensor's bulb was blinking wildly. Ugh, I may need to rotate the sensor so it faces opposite the building.

I called up D today and ask about my After-Dinner speech evaluation only to learn that it hasn't been started yet. What the heck is that? A week has lapsed since my speech and nothing has been written? So I kinda joked that I wasn't expecting a novel or anything. It's just a one-pager with less than 10 questions for crying out loud. What's there to mull over? After running out of excuses (too busy etc.), he even hinted I might have to repeat! Excuse me? See, that's what happens when an evaluation is held off for so long. I remember getting a good verbal evaluation AFTER my speech. THAT was never written. Now, a week later, I might need a repeat. That long delay removed all spontaneity and candidness in the evaluation. He probly looked for areas for improvement and thought of flaws in the speech.

There were questions and comments like: "How was it an after-dinner speech? It had to be light." Uhmmm. It WAS light. I joked most of the time. I engaged the audience in most of the speech. Was that heavy? I referenced an event in the program and that was the club milestone of Icebreaker deliveries. It's true, I managed to inspire some of the audience as I later found out from them. But that was not the intent! I talked about my story when I gave my Icebreaker. Was it my fault if the audience was inspired? See all my Toastmasters Speeches online here!

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