Shed the Cap

The weather's getting warmer and so is the pool. This time around I no longer wore my swimcap. P was there today and he seemed ecstatic with my radio. He said it beats the heck of the loneliness and boredom.

After leaving the pool I went to the apt to switch off the main powerline in unit C. I'm wondering why I'm getting a bill when it's vacant. On the way to the office. I took some pictures of "progress". I've long lauded the present Carmona Mayor Dahlia Loyola for helping ease the traffic over at the Carmona Public Market road by building a rotonda. Now, I'm even more amazed with a long span of road that's almost finished.

The downside in the above is they had to fell several old and big acacia trees for the new road. And there's the new school, the Carmona State University that's rising:

Some students have already started attending classes in this school. Here's the roadwork near the market itself. It's now slightly clogging the road. Notice the heavy machinery using this road. I better start using the alternate route next week to avoid the buildup of traffic here.

Finally, the requisite photo of the mayor for this project. Everyone does it, but so what? For me, I see it as a sign of progress. I've never seen much new infrastructure in this sleepy little town but with what the mayor is doing, I'd certainly vote for her - if I lived here.

DH sez she looks like "Helen Vela".

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