A Sinister Plan

I was surprised by what Prince said to me yesterday. There appears to be a sinister plan at the pool for them to make more money. He said they're no longer accepting the annual renewal fees at the pool. Prince was supposed to renew last January and he was ready to pay the Php 3K. Whoa! The girl said it'll be "pay-per-entry" now! Gosh, if I swam everyday at Php 100 per day, that'll be hefty! My renewal is on August, so maybe I need to REALLY swim everyday from now until then. There's a couple of good news: I'm feeling fine, having recovered recently from colds AND the water is getting warmer. It looks like the cold days are over. It is so unlike 3 weeks ago when the weather was so cold in the mornings, there's a chilly wind and the pool water would be miserably cold. So, yes, I plan on going EVERYDAY until August.

Prince was there today and pleasantly surprised I had a radio which he thinks is cool. Yah, the dreary silence get to you sometimes. He confessed though that he has this fear of the water which came out of the blue just very recently. I knew he was swimming like several kilometers already, so I didn't expect that coming from him.

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