Continuous Backstrokes, Ping-pong Table

Mar. 21, Wednesday:
2 lads were at the pool today. The plywood for the Ping-pong table finally came. This is after the 2 pieces were returned coz they weren't suited.

Mar. 22, Thursday:
It's Cavite Day. I did 2 full laps on the backstroke today. Here's a couple of studious kids putting the tables into good use.

Mar. 23, Friday:
Continuous Backstrokes
Overcast skies today and I was dilly-dallying whether to go or not. Well I did. I kept recalling that come August, there's no more renewal and I'll be paying per entry Php100 a pop! Major Bummer on the Pocket. So I REALLY need to maximize my membership NOW. Today's workout surprised me. I'm able to do slow and relaxed backstrokes on purpose! In fact, I did the short laps 12.5m back-and-forth with backstrokes. Prior, I just did the backstroke one short length and then hubrst back to the starting end. Today, I just did backstrokes over and over. Nice! But I did get winded though.

Mar. 24, Saturday:
The basic structure of the Pingpong table top is finished

Here's the table being sanded.

That's Mang Bert's third son. Too bad none of his 2 older sons learned the ways of a master carpenter.

Here's the table semi-finished in the garage.

Materials spent is almost Php2,100 and the labor is Php1,700 (including repair for the leaking gate valve). So that's Php3,800 total. I may ask for additional work though to reinforce the bracing of the top. I imagine it will eventually sag in the middle after much use.

I felt tired and achy today. But after I took a packet of Extra Joss, I felt the soreness disappear! It's been quite some time that I stopped eggbeatering and today resumed it. The free lessons kids were there and they're still few. I reckon towards the last weeks, it'll be packed again. It's good to have some noise again at the pool.

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