Block Rosary 2007

Last Saturday, the image of the Virgin Mary was moved to our house. This is an old custom that happens around these months of summer. It's the first time for the kids to experience it.

We have the rosary every night for one whole week and in this particular night, Renz was nursing a fever. That's why he's lying on the sofa. DH and the other kids sit themselves on the native mat (courtesy of Amkor) on the floor.

One night as the native mat was laid, right before the rosary, I heard following:
Karen: O, Renz, genuflect ka. Marunong ka ba 'non?
Renz : Oo!
Karen: Sige nga, mag-genuflect ka.
(Renz kneels on both knees, sits his butt on his heels and with outstretch arms bends on the floor)
Karen: Ngiii! Pang-Ramadan naman yan eh!

DH bought some flowers for the Virgin Mary statue coz it will be moved over to Tita Ella's in-laws. She asked me to take a pic:

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