No Swim Lessons this Summer

Mar. 17, Saturday:
We went to Starland Metropolis to inquire on the swimming lessons for summer. The place's layout has changed much. There are more glass partitions now and the offices look so much better. I'm having second thoughts though on driving kids for swim lessons this year coz of the following.
  1. Traffic will be heavier this summer coz of the ongoing construction along the expressway and below the viaduct. That also means I'll most likely miss my own swimming sessions.
  2. Lessons for Renz's age is so expensive. At Php2500, it doesn't seem worth it. Maybe when Renz is a little taller.
  3. Karen isn't too keen on lessons and we're thinking of some dental work for her. Driving just Dada to Metro (without Renz or Karen) isn't too cost-effective.
  4. I'm having a table Ping Pong table built for the kids. So that may be the sports alternative this summer.
We had lunch at Chowking.

After Metropolis, we went to the new Wilcon Builders Depot just for a look-see. From there we visited the Hen-Lin area at Bridgeway eyed by the TM club as a possible venue. It's a small place.

Here's Renz raising his hand with a spoon upon seeing my camera, as if saying "Here I am, Papa!"

The little two's with their wine glasses for a toast.

Still feeling "Frenchy" with the "wine-tasting".

Mar. 18, Sunday:
I cleaned up the weight plates and rack. Earlier, I also detached the extensions of the safety stands. This is in preparation for the stands as the legs ping-pong table top that will be built. Renz was adamant in helping me wash the weight plates. I also asked him and Dada to wash the bench and the rack. After the cleanup, Renz suggested giving Snoopy a bath. And so we did.

Here's Renz soaping up Snoopy and me maneuvering Snoopy to face the camera.

Renz is feeling really helpful today coz he helped me with so many cleaning stuff! Thanx Renz and Dada!

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