Happy Birthday DH!

Mar. 14, Wednesday:
Didn't do any squares today. I'm feeling more shoulder rotation now in my backstroke. With the shoulder rotation, the stroking hand doesn't splash too much water at the surface. This probly means the stroke is more efficient with the action all happening underwater. At the office, Fred noticed that my back was wet. It was from the sweating after the workout. That for me is a gooooood sign.

Mar. 15, Thursday:
20 backstroke short laps! I just felt I had to burn the huge dinner I had last night. Burp. A 2-day shutdown started today, but I still went to the office.

Mar. 16, Friday:
Happy Birthday DH!

18 short laps, but my! Was I sweating at the office! I guess it's partly due to the warm weather as well. It's the second day that we're on soft shutdown at the office. The heat at the office without the aircon is making my stomach feel bad. That's another reason I had to beg off in yesterday's ACT meeting, apart from the network downtime.

Here's DH's treat.

The gang's all smiles.

DH blowing her 'cake' made up of some pichi-pichi.

Renz really enjoying himself.

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