Whole Length Backstroke

Today I attempted a whole length for backstroke. I faltered near the ladder where I got water in my nose. Will try more tomorrow though. I'm also starting to rotate more. So, that's good. Here are the banners by the gate. Note that the swim lessons on top banner costs so much while the banner below, it's free!

Tonight, we decided to take the usual walk after dinner. Sandra and Renz joined us. Corz the "brisk walking" we did quickly deteteriorated into a stroll of sorts with Renz walking so slowly with small steps. Anyway, we passed some really big and nice houses. Both Sandra and Renz were in awe. This conversation ensued between Renz and DH:

Renz: Mama, bakit po sila mayaman?
DH: Kasi masipag sila.
Renz: Tayo po, hindi?

Something just didn't sound right. DH and I were saving for the kids' education and having a nice big house isn't the biggest priority right now.

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