Stirring the Hornets' Nest

Last Saturday we took the car to Toyota for its 100K service. We changed our choice of oil from regular to synthetic after hearing Eugene's pitch for synthetic oil. We were told that we needn't have it checked for the next 5km. At least that's some good news coz it's a hassle bringing the car to the 'casa' almost every 6 months. We were rather surprised at the price Php2000 (Php500 per liter)

We went to Pampanga today. Renz, Karen and DH had the misfortune of getting stings from wasps at the garden swing. They were nasty. Renz was the first stung. He was playfully jumping inside the swing and apparently all his jumping rattled the hornets' nest. He was stung at the foot near the ankle. His reaction was to hysterically run in place and his hands rubbing his ears as if warding off a swarm. He was like demon-possessed and I thought there were giant fire ants (hantik) all over his body. Poor guy. His ate had 2 stings on both arms, while DH had one in the arm. I had ice put on the stings to abate the inflammation. Mommy told us to put whiteflower on the stings which seemed to soothe the pain. Whew! That was some crazy aftenoon. We're all thankful that nobody got stung on the face esp near the eyes or mouth. Now THAT would be terrible.

Nowadays I'm feeling soreness in my right upper back. I know I'm getting a good workout with the backstroke and I may be over-reaching, thus overstretching, the back. I'm still doing the 2 squares and the improved backstroke.

As in all Mondays, the water today is blurry. It must've been a rough weekend. Many times I'm asked by others (mostly non-swimmers) if the water is clean, or how clean is it. And then proceed to say that they've visited the place and observed that the water seem dirty. This kinda irks me sometimes. I mean, how clean do you want it to be? Clean enough to drink it? Ugh. So my standard answer to these queries is: I've been swimming in this pool for 3 years. All I care about is it's chlorinated well and I'm glad I never got sick from my swimming.

I saw a new banner at the pool today announcing the learn-to-swim lessons for Php3,500 starting Mar.26. Below it is a banner saying free swimming lessons starting Mar.26 - just register inside. Hmmm. Is there something wrong with this, or what? I mean, why pay Php3,500 when you can just register free for "free" lessons?

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