Coin on the Forehead

Water's green, new water came in and it's cooler. How about using coins on the forehead as I read? Here's a nice post on the drill by Donna in the USMS forum. It's rather long, but the lady knows her stuff:

"I was a backstroker so I will pass along to you how I swam this stroke. I never was low or flat to the water. The waterline hit my head at about the crown area which means I was both looking up and looking somewhat down toward my knees at the same time. And kicking with backstroke is crucial. My head never moved from side-to-side. I accomplished a non-moving head by putting coins on my forehead and swam with them. If they fell off, I had to much upper body or head movement. You can also do this with goggles on your head, but they are larger and won't fall off as easily, so they are not a true test.

I used nickels, dimes, quarters. And when I felt like I really had no movement, I would pile a lot of them on my forehead and swim a 25. When all coins stayed put, I had this portion of the stroke "memorized" in my brain and body (I could feel it). As for breathing in backstroke, the only water I ever experienced was water I generated as my arm strokes came above my head; not from other people, and maybe this is because I was not low in the water like people swim today. During the last Olympics, I didn't see many backstrokers flat in the water; they were slightly elevated.

It's also easy to bounce when swimming backstroke and this is due to the effort one is trying to produce. But bouncing is off-limits, too. Ideally, smooth, long and fast strokes with hip rotation and a quiet head will suit a person very well."

I brought a coin for the coin-on-the-forehead drill in backstroke. But I chickened out. I've yet to master backstroke to maintain head stability throughout.

I joined the ACT club meeting last night. I was a little surprised that they held it at the ground floor. The last time I attended, it was on the second floor. I wasn't expecting it, but I was requested by Khris to evaluate Hanika's Prepared Speech "Driving Lessons" as Hanika was to compete on Saturday for the Area level. Norrie and Jess from Kimberly Clark were there too. Past 7pm, it became noisier. There was a bigger crowd (many foreigners) and it was a challenge to listen and give my speech evaluation. Hope they could get a better venue. Here's me giving my evaluation on Hanika's speech. (photo courtesy of Jess)

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