My Backstroke Marker

When I saw the Medicard van today, I was "Gosh I forgot. It's my annual PE."
Drizzle in the morning. Hmmm, and I thought summer's in.

I brought my orange water bottle. Since there are no backstroke pennants, this will be my marker for the 5 foot line. This bottle has been used by Dada, so she used the Nestea bottle instead.

Here's the bottle on the deck. It's rougly 4 to 5 feet from the wall on the right. So I backstroke left to right. After seeing the marker, I stop to avoid from hitting the wall.

I felt bloated after a couple of gulps. Next time I'll bring the bottle but with just a little water inside. I threw out the rest this morning. At least now I tried drinking while treading! Another first! The bottle should NOT be full as it only adds to the weight.

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