Sore Back

I'm beginning to like more and more this backstroke thing. Today I did several - like maybe 6! Corz they're only very short (12.5m), but still it feels good that I want to do them over and over. I'm already anticipating some full lengths 25m. I used the new green shorts today. It feels constricting after being so accustomed to the short old ones. It felt like I was swimming in cycling shorts (jammers) again!

I'm still having fruit after the swim instead of a half-rice meal. So far it's been okay, although I still have this tendency to eat a little more at the 10:30am break. I had an interesting discussion with Anthony about timed activities. Apparently for him he gets "pushed" by timing himself on bike runs. I said I don't feel the same way. If I get off too much from previous fast times, it gets a little depressing feeling all those gains are lost. What "pushes" me is the varied activity/ strokes I have in swimming. I just make it as fun as possible without the "competitive, yeah-I'm-there" attitude. And so far, it has worked well for me. I'm still in it and I think that's where fun and consistency rather than competitiveness has its advantage for fitness.

I felt good today. I did like 10 backstrokes and my traps at midback are getting sore already. I think I better start using a marker of sort while I do the backstroke. I don't wanna scrape skin off my arms/hands hitting the concrete deck. I've been thinking of getting a new water bottle (Sandra's been using mine) that's either yellow or red in color for added visibility. I'd rather have a bright color rather than the gray slippers I've been using.

Last Friday I sent an email to Lolet telling her of my intention to join the ACT Toastmasters Club. It'll be my first time to formally join a club outside the company. I just lost patience waiting for our own club to renew memberships. Plus, the recent delayed evaluation (2 weeks after speech delivery!) appear to be a bad omen. My first meeting with the club will be Thursday this week. So, we'll see how that goes. See all my Toastmasters Speeches online here!

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