Che and Karen's Munsci Field Trip

Mar.29, Thursday:
Girl asked me if I was the owner. I said no. She asked if I pay. I said no. So you must be the owner. Can we shower now?

Mar.30, Friday:
What a mayhem. HS students. So loud that I couldn't hear my radio. Jelo was there. Crying, unwilling to go jump. He's just a little bigger now. Was crying to be taken out.

Mar.31, Saturday:
Che and Karen had their school Field Trip. We took them to the buses near the school coz Che was bringing a cooler. Here's one of their many pasalubongs, yummy buko pie. It's the first time for me to taste this kind of buko pie which has sweet syrup inside. Here's what's left of the pie bought at Dely's Pasalubong.

Apr.1, Sunday:
Palm Sunday. Front right tire was checked and a screw pulled out. Must've been when we passed by the road behind the Everbest hardware. That's where we took a shortcut for Renz's graduation. I didn't expect to see so many people attending mass at the mall. There's more people there than at our church!

Apr.2, Monday:
Nobody else swimming today.

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