Family Summer Outing at 8 Waves Waterpark

Finally we pushed through with Plan C, at Eight Waves in San Rafael, Bulacan. Plan A was Ilocos Norte, Plan B was somewhere in Batangas, but due to lack of "logistics support", we settled for Plan C. We originally planned on going last Thursday but Che was having a slight fever and sore throat.

We left the house at 5am to pickup Tita Gay and Mama and then proceeded to NLEX. Traffic was smooth and free. We were so lucky coz we managed to get help from a friendly motorcycle rider. We virtually followed him all the way through until we reached 8 Waves which was just along the Dona Remedios Trinidad (DRT) Highway, Ulingao, San Rafael, Bulacan.

The requisite photo-op near the entrance. Behind us is Whalee.

We got there at 7:30am, but since the rides don't open until 9am, we decided to have brunch right inside the revo. We folded up the seats and opened the doors. Walah! An instant diner. If you look closely at the pic, you'll see what we had: adobong manok (courtesy of mama), sweet longganisa, adobong kangkong with oyster sauce, salted eggs and tomatoes.

Here's the open revo with us inside. As we were near the entrance, lots of folks saw us eat!

The cottage we got to house our stuff. It was quite windy in this place. There's plenty of trees and shade. It's so easy to fall asleep! The huts are very nice. Later in the afternoon, all the cottages were taken and the latecomers had to content themselves with monobloc tables and chairs. It's shady, but then you still need to follow the shade as the soon moves and continuously move your tables, chairs and stuff.

Here's a shot of the kids at the wavepool - 8 waves' biggest attraction.

Posing at one of the kiddie pools with fishies where the 4 had a lot of fun.

Me at the deepend of the wave pool. You know it's at the deepend where only a few brave souls dare to go. Since it's so crowded, a common scenario when a new bunch enters the pool is that they all want to go where it isn't crowded and proceed to charge in front saying "dami tao dito, tara! doon tayo sa harap". And then they discover it's too deep for them to stand on and say "malalim! balik na, balik!".

Posing with the wave pool in the background.

A pic of the kids in another kiddie pool with Noah's Ark in the background. Renz spent a lot of time by himself and with the other kids in this area. There were other pools but we didn't spend to much time in them. There was a lap pool but of corz nobody used them for lap swimming. It's in the shade (like another bubble pool) and so those there apparently didn't want the sun. There were also high-presure water massagers coming from the trunks of mock elephants.

We had lunch inside a small lean-to just near the revo.

After lunch, we bought souvenir t-shirts on sale at less than Php200 each. All totaled Php810. To view more pictures from the 8 Waves Waterpark, click here.

At around 4pm we started getting ready to pack up. There were open showers and mixed dressing stalls made of aluminum sheets. My observations on resorts like this as compared to beaches are as follows:
  1. There's certainly a lot of variety in resort - waves, kiddie pools, etc. I mean, all you get in a beach is the water and sand, not much else.
  2. Swimming attire is strictly enforced so there's more orderliness.
  3. Plenty of lifeguards. The wavepool had 4 I think and they rotate among the pools. I heard over the news that a 5-year old girl surnamed Masula drowned in a Boracay beach and the parents blamed the lack of lifeguards.
  4. Of course the resort has an artificial feel to it compared to a beach where you get fantastic views of nature for pictorials.

Overall, we had a fun day! The resort was pretty strict with the attire. I mean they had posters everywhere especially at the entrance as to what proper attire is. At the wavepool, 2 Indian women had to cut off their sleeves coz sleeves werent' allowed. A common attire for some women was to wear 2-piece suits and then wear shorts. For men, a lot of them just let it all hang out, coz shirts were not allowed.

Except for a missing mestiza girl named Em-em in the afternoon (paged many times), everything was in order thnx probly to some soldiers and police manning the resort. On the way home, we bought a couple of seedless watermelons.

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