Radio's a Bane

Ever since I got the radio to work well, I think I'm getting LESS of a workout session than I really want. I've become more concerned that I get the radio station on the right frequency (RX93.1). And why not, that's what the radio is for - to keep me company. But starting last week, the station's getting a strange interferance from what sounds like AM radio talk - news mostly in Tagalog. I can't recognize who the newscasters are but their program start at around 7-7:30. It's annoying coz a couple of times, I had to get out of the pool and fix the tuning dial just to get a better signal.

All this radio stuff, sadly, is now messing-up the continuity of my swimming workout. This is especially so when the 2 hosts go on extended talk-time. I think I gotta get more serious and put in more time swimming than listening.

Today, there was an elderly couple (okay, at least older than folks I normally see at the pool) there. Apparently, the lady was taking lessons and it looked like they've been there since 6am. At least that's good - another person learning to be water safe - and that's ALWAYS good news. After the swim, the lady wore a uniform so that explains the early time slot - to go to work thereafter.

As I suspected, some of those attending the free swimming clinic are there just to have a good time. And I do mean JUST THAT - to have a good time. I mean, these kids were bringing all sorts of inflatable toys for crying out loud! I seriously doubt they'd learn any real swimming at all.

Thanx to the previous summer weekend, I got me 2 one-peso coins and a 25 cent coin - or Php2.25 to add to the Treasure Trove.

I was flattered today when Steve asked where I learned to swim. This was out of the blue during a break in today's IT presentation. My first swim lessons were way back in 1999 I think, at Metropolis.

On the homefront, here's a typical afternoon with Dada actively biking and Renz on the scooter (they call trolley).

Renz acting some sort of a statue or totem-pole or something.

Both Sandra and Renz were enrolled in free taekwondo summer lessons care of the Fresnedi Sports Center. Here's the two doing stretching. The guy in white is the coach's assistant while in the background are arnis students. Offered this summer are Judo, Arnis, Taekwondo, Karate and Gymnastics.

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