The Kuhol Stroke

One of the swim teachers commented today that the pool water was warm. "Mainit na nga sa labas, mainit pa rin sa tubig!" And she was right. The pool water was warm, and I think the water evaporates rapidly coz the level is always low. I slept soundly last night coz the other night, I didn't get much sleep from the cold aircon.

Over at breaktime yesterday, I shared what happened at our outing at Lovely May Resort. We briefly talked about swimming and the various strokes. I said that later that night at the outing, the pool was filled to the brim. The deep end has become 6 feet deep. Naturally, the non-swimmers couldn't manage to go to the deep end. What they did was to attach themselves to the pool wall by holding on to the pool gutter. They then crawl with their arms on the gutter towards the deep end. Well, someone in the group said there's a name for that. And it's called the "Kuhol" stroke.

Kuhol means "snail" and the so-called stroke describes how the snail would laboriously crawl on the walls.

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Kuhol said...

Ha ha.. All I know is the langoy aso, there is such thing as kuhol stroke. Nice one!

Blackdove said...

Yup, langoy-aso is called dog-crawl or dog-paddle. Well, there's also the langoy-palaka, or breast stroke, using frog kicks. Langoy-kuhol is the better term for the "stroke" described here.