Super Hot Sunday

There was a little boy accompanied by his parents at the pool. It seemed kind of odd, as they didn't have a picnic and the boy looked like he simply wanted to play in the water. Here's Renz's daily dose of Rifampicin for his Primary Complex.

It was a super-hot day yesterday. In the morning, it was bright and sunny and so I took out the remaining white paint and started painting the tennis table-top's bottom. Might as well put that into use to at least protect the board from wetness. Minutes later I asked all three (Karen, Dada and Renz) to help.

Renz seems to be interested more in drawing on the board than painting. After we painted the table-top's bottom, I slept briefly. I felt the heat on the bed! Later in the evening, I asked that the aircon be turned on coz Renz was sweating. I had a tough time sleeping coz of my position and the cold in the airconed room.

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