White Cracs and Kite-Flying

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Southmall to buy a couple pairs of Cracs. Cracs is what we jokingly call these Crocs knock-offs or imitations. We were planning to buy one pair for Renz and another for myself. Unfortunately, the kids' sizes were no longer available. I was even lucky to get my size and it was the last pair! I already have the army-green color of Crocs which I showed here. But these Cracs are so cheap at Php179! That's almost only 10% of what I bought for the originals.

But the reason I bought this pair is for office use. Why white? Office shoe attire needs to be white and so we also bought 6 pairs of white socks to match. Anyway, I've gotten used to long walks right after the 10am brunch and the 3pm break. Unfortunately the first few days were hard on the feet since I wasn't used to walking long distances. By long distance, I mean going to the lobby, turning back and then walking all the way towards the Facilities offices, taking a drink at the drinking fountain and then turning back. I take a long drink at the fountain so the turning back doesn't look so conspicuous since folks there don't regularly see me there. It's that simple.

I don't walk outside - it's too darn hot to walk. Now with the white Cracs, I'm hoping to walk more, like maybe a couple of 'laps' this time. I'm finding these walks to be mind-refreshing especially when I'm composing email or blog entries. Too bad, I don't see others doing the same thing, or maybe it isn't just obvious to me. Nonetheless, these long walks help me clear up the clutter in my mind and is a welcome break from the long sitting position infront of the computer. Hey, it'll be part of my overall workout too!

The bigger surprise in yesterday's shopping was this pair of cheap table tennis rackets that were priced at Php79.75 and Php99.75. The more expensive one at the right has a flared handle with a design. Imagine our surprise when they were made even cheaper when we got to the cashier. The price that came up in the register was Php25 for EACH! I suppose these were last stocks and were on clearance. Although we bought them at SM Dept Store, they were really from Toy Kingdom.

On the homefront, Renz wore this flashy outfit. Kinda makes him look like a superhero.

There was no electricity when we woke up today, Sunday. Maybe it was the rain. I don't know, but I wished the electricity went out last night instead when the idiotic noisy candidates were giving their speeches. I was talking with DH last night about Pinoy's penchant to loud and garish events. It's as if LOUDNESS = HAPPINESS. It's a sad state of the times, in my opinion.

Since there was no electricity, we had a nice breakfast breakfast outside at the laundry area. It was bright and there was a slight breeze.

Here's Renz making a point while everybody listens. Well, except for Ate Che who still looks sleepy.

Ah, mangoes. Can't imagine the severed limb of the tree could still yield this bunch of mangoes!

Che and Karen brought the Nemo Kite we bought for Renz and Dada during Taekwondo class at the Fresnedi Sports Center. Here's the two trying to fly the kite in the shade. That's the Laguna bay behind them.

Dada isn't doing the Cha-cha, but is doing continuous kicks in Taekwondo class.

After class, the two, Renz and Dada tried the kite. Here's Renz holding the kite string.

Dada flying the kite with the MunSci building in the background. See the kite? It has the image of Nemo the Clownfish. Afterwards, we proceeded to St.Peregrine Church to hear mass.

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