Family-Funded Funday at Starland

Today is a holiday and so I painted the roof tacks with roof paint. I started this at 6:30am and by 8am it was getting too hot. Then I put on the videoke disc I made and sang all the songs there. Gosh it took me an hour and a half to finish all.

There's no Family Funday this year at the office. No budget, no cash-convertible, no subsidy, nothing. So we came up with our own and calling it the Family-Funded Funday. It's been a looong time since we went to Starland at Metropolis and we know it's been renovated since then. And so we decided for a look-see and swim. The place has been refurbished, the slides removed and niced roofed areas for the tables were added. Too bad though that water was wasted with some of the leaking showers.

We got there a little around 10:30am coz of the horrendous traffic near the Alabang Tollgate. There were swimming lessons until 12noon and so we were not allowed in but we bought tickets at Php150 each just the same. DH suggested lunch and so we had an early lunch at the parking lot. Good thing there were now some benches in the area. That's Renz below at the right finding his spot and sitting on a cooler.

After lunch, more waiting. Here's Renz with a forced smile from Ate Dada. From afar (they went strollong), Karen wondered who I was talking to inside the car and thought it was a dog. Nopes, it was Renz.

Yup, the place is much better now. The unsightly old slides are now gone in this big pool. But maybe they should've gotten rid of the big post in the center as well. I had a mild case of leg cramps and concluded it was dehydration. My working on the roof was probly the culprit.

Now here's one thing I just don't understand. You go to the resort to have a fun time, to swim. There'll be lots of splashing, lots of food around. So when you go to the resort, you go: "Sunscreen lotion - check, swimsuit - check, towels - check, goggles - check, food and drinks - check". So why the heck would you bring a laptop? And not to mention the big security risk it poses. Mr. Laptop boy (with the yellow towel below)

Later in the afternoon, Renz had fun throwing coins for the sisters to dive for and retrieve. Funny, I didn't feel at all bloated in this outing. Maybe it's because I ate BEFORE the swim and not during. And I ate a lot! Hmmm, there's a tip right there.

We finally rounded up and left, tired but happy, at 5:30pm and had dinner at Jollibee Slex.

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