Up to June Only

Despite my being tired from the Tuesday's Starland swim, I still swam yesterday and today. I lost count on how many backstrokes I did on the full length. Just when I was pooped, I tried the regular breastsroke. I found it so much easier to breath on the second stroke, rather than every stroke! Wow. In the past, I was just gasping for air everytime. Now, I could even finish a whole length easily. Okay, I may not be fast, but at least it's seems so much easier now. Now that's improved conditioning.

This morning I learned from Mang Ruben that the pool may just be opened until June only. Management plans on closing it for the rainy season coz electricity cost is too high and they're losing money in that season. Actually, this just confirms what I heard from a worker there asking a co-worker when the resort closes. The other fellow said June. Mang Ruben said that his swimmers' renewals were not accepted - just like Prince's.

Haaayy. All good things must come to pass and this is one of them. What to do next? Try to find another pool? Hopefully with a membership option where I can swim anytime? Starland? Filinvest? St.Joseph? Find another long-time sport? Do more table tennis? My Power Walking is gaining ground and I'm now doing 2 laps. These Cracs are a God-send and feels like walking on clouds. They're so easy on the feet. Nowadays, I no longer wear them at the canteen. After eating I go up, and put them on and then walk.

I've had 3 yearly renewals with the pool and I'm sad that it's closing this year. On the bright side though, those 3 years were the best times I had in my swimming life coz I learned and improved so much. In those 3 years, I've had breakthroughs and milestones. I learned to tread, swim confidently and learned all sorts of water skills. And I'm so darned proud of it.

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