Brush with the Grim Reaper

I actually didn't plan on writing anything else other than my swimming today but heck. Anyway, I thought I was a goner this morning when I almost rammed against an oncoming truck. Well, "almost" is a relative word here. Some folks (speed maniacs, basically) would probly dismiss the incident as simply ordinary. But for me, it's enough to get scared. And it was my fault.

At that bridge (crossing the expressway) in San Pedro, it's a daily torture to have these slowpoke tricycles plying the area. In several instances I was lucky to have overtaken these turtles and sometimes snicker when other vehicles, especially the macho ones (pajeros, patrols, fortuners, etc.) can't manage to do the same.

Today, there was a tricycle going up the bridge and closely followed by a jeepney. I looked as my eyes allowed me to see the unobstructed view and thought it was safe to pass. It SEEMED okay. But as I was moving on to the bridge's crest almost overtaking the tricycle and jeepney, the truck approaching from the other direction seemed so much faster! And why not, it's uphill for me but downhill (and so much faster) for the truck. Gosh, I thanked my lucky stars I made it through that small (small for me anyway) space. The tricycle driver was probly scared as well (for me, that is). As I approached the tollgate, I just paused for a moment and pondered how much worse it could have been. The truck was heavy and was speeding downhill. Had I hit the truck head-on, it would've dragged me all the way down the bridge or worse, the truck could've hit me and me hit the tricycle AND the jeepney in a chain reaction. Scary.

The image above, incidentally, was my wallpaper many years ago back when wallpapers are just starting to be a rage. I remembered it and pasted it here as it is fitting in today's post.

I think I've misplaced my amber Speedo goggles. I've been using them for quite a while and didn't expect to lose them in this pool. I've asked the pool boy and he said that the tykes in the free swim lessons must've seen and taken it. Well I do have several pairs more and I'm not expecting it to be returned.

I saw Albert and Jeanette there at the pool today. Their kids were having lessons.

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