Tired and Hungry

So tired and sleepy that I didn't swim today. I thought of rewriting my 5th advanced Toastmaster speech in The Entertaining Speaker manual - The After-Dinner speech for tomorrow's meeting. Maybe a livelier topic will be some kind of humorous advice to newlyweds set to a backdrop of a wedding reception. I'll have time to practice and refine it this evening with the kids out of the house. They're presently on vacation at Makati since Sunday night. We'll be picking them up tomorrow night after the Toastmasters meeting at 8:30pm. Will see how that goes. See all my Toastmasters Speeches online here!

I can now manage 4 walks a day. I timed a brisk walk (2 laps) through the long hallway of the building and it's around 15 minutes. A leisurely one is probly up to 18 minutes. Wow, with 4 brisk walks a day, that's already an hour. After a few days of this routine, PLUS the swimming in the morning, I'm ready to collapse after dinner in the evening. Unfortunately, I'm eating more too. Need to correct that coz I just gained 4 pounds. Ugh.

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