Free-Back Switch

The free swimming kids at the pool were early today. It seemed like they'd have some sort of competition coz the basketball coach kept mentioning it early on. Wait a sec, basketball coach? Yah. One of the coaches doesn't wear a swimsuit to teach swimming. Nopes, she'd wear these humongous basketball tops and shorts to teach swimming. Only 4 words, lady. What's... up... with... that???

Anyway, as I was going out, I casually said to Cecille: "Wow, ang aga nila ngayon ah". To which she repled exasperatingly: "Oo nga po eh!". Those "lessons" look more like rowdy outings.

Yesterday, I re-attempted a stroke combination that, 2 years ago, I had wanted to do. This is the alternate freestyle and backstroke. I've read it somewhere but I'm not sure if I've seen a video. I imagined it though to be a cool cool smooth stroke. Well, today, I'm close to getting into the groove of it. I think I did 5 lengths of it today. I start a freestyle, change to backstroke and then return to freestyle. It goes like this:
  1. Start with a regular freestyle for a few armpulls.
  2. After the right hand recovers and falls on the water straight, stretch it slightly and rotate the body to your left. At this time, you're face is out of the water.
  3. Begin the catch with the right hand and start pulling as a backstroke.
  4. Recover the left and continue the backstroke for a few armpulls.
  5. When the left hand recovers and drops to the water, just let it stay there and straighten a bit.
  6. Recover the right hand out of the water while continuing to rotate the body.
  7. When the body is almost facing down, start pulling with the left hand.
  8. The right hand should now do a catch-up style of freestyle so that the body retains its straight position.

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