After Dinner Speech, A Closed Manual at Last!

I'm finally done with The Entertaining Speaker manual. Yup, after so much preparing and revising, I've nailed that last speech project - Speaking After Dinner. It was already 3pm when I finally completed the script of my speech that was to be delivered at the Toastmasters Meeting at 6:30pm. This might be the shortest practice time I've ever had. Somehow, I was still confident of pulling it through. First, I know the material well. There are only 3 main topics. Second, the topics are easy to talk about coz they're mostly stories. It is ironic that the 1st topic (Breaking the Ice) I had for this project was rejected at my old club even though I gave it so much preparation. While for this 2nd topic - "My Message on Your Wedding Day", I had no problem at all. Maybe as Gov.Rema mentioned in her evaluation, it's the universal appeal of the topic. Ah well.

I'm getting rusty in this TM thing. I forgot to bite the tip of my tongue to keep the mouth wet. And this was a 8-10 min. speech so I ended up with a dry mouth again. Arggh. The evaluation on my speech was very good. Except for the hand clasping and very minimal use of the floor space (told you I was rusting) everything else was perfect! I had a slight sore throat after the meeting. I probly strained my voice competing with the noisy aircon. After the TM session, I picked up DH at P1 to fetch the kids. But we stopped over at Jollibee Sucat for a takeout bite. This is in addition to the Red Bull and Extra Joss I already took.

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