A New Resident at Home

I don't know what bird this is but it has made its home right near the laundry area outside where it's breezy and we sometimes have meals. It made its nest right smack center in a Fortune plant. The kids wanted to see closer coz it's their first time to see a nest with a bird in it up close. This pic was taken right after we had our lunch there.

Yesterday, Jerry and his neighbor painted the apartment roof. He asked me to buy sealants and stuff (which all amounted to Php1,800) but they only used paints - the roof paint and flat wall for the ceiling (A and B). We paid em Php800 for the job. They started at 7:30am and finished 10:30am. And then it rained at around 2pm! Just hope the paint job held up.

Today, I did some gentle dolphin kicks. I wasn't going to rush through them coz of my back. My back's okay but my left knee though started acting up. The kicks were done using a hand-lead from the wall. The remaining kicks though were head-led breathing using a breastkick stroke. It's fine for a simple drill but so boring. I managed to pickup Php1.25 in coins.

I had a brief chat with Cecille this morning right at the bench. The free swimmers were in early today so I got out of the pool earlier than usual. While she was sipping coffee and preparing pandesal, I asked if the pool was closing in June. She's hesitant with her reply saying, it's still being thought about and asked me where I heard it. She said that there are plans to renovate/ repair the pools coz of some leaks which keep the water level always low.

Last night (or was it this morning?) I dreamt I was a student in a classroom and my classmates were bored and sleepy. Suddenly, my friend Mar L, stood up to sing (there was a singing contest, apparently). He wowed the audience and the pop song was really good and lively. After his piece, I asked to see the album cover of the karaoke cd. The song was entitled: "An Interesting Feeling to Watch." Strange.

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