Butterfly at the Shallow End

Pursuing my quest for that elusive butterfly, I resumed drills today after a couple of days' hiatus. And this hiatus was due in part to the left knee pain (from previous dolphining) and in part to the 'bed' weather. There were a few rainshowers, the first for May.

So for today, I positioned myself at the shallowest part of the pool. I did the left-arm and right-arm drills which were good. I also tried right-side breathing which felt more comfortable and streamlined rather than the front breathing which causes my hips to sink. But wow, what conditioning this stroke requires. Every short lap, I was gasping but I do recover quickly now. I know my lower back would complain with all that dolphin kicking and so I took mefenamic this morning. I even picked up a peso coin at the shallow end. I'm getting to like this butterfly stroke and will do more of it in the next few days. Can the elusive flip-turn be far behind? Ahhh, we shall see.

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