Weekend Work Bash

It's been a while that I've not gone swimming. I wasn't feeling too well since last Friday, the day that DH and I should've gone to their outing at Bryan's tab. But it was night swimming and has been raining all day plus it was DH's executive checkup. So we skipped that. For the most of the weekend, we cleaned unit A. It was DH, Tita Gay and myself on Saturday and it was everybody on Sunday. It was a lot of work. Here's some of what I did:
  1. Tightened the rope lining of many window screens. These have not been tightened ever since they were installed 6 years ago. I just use a tool (semi-round file) and a hammer to push back the rope in.
  2. Removed and scraped off the old flaking and loose clay putty.
  3. Used a caulking gun to put white sealant on the window panes to replace the clay putty.
  4. Put in a scrap cable tubing to replace the hose tubing in the water closet.
  5. Had the girls remove the peeling paint.
  6. Painted semi-gloss latex paint on the window sills.
  7. Shaved off the top of the aluminum screen door at the laundry area where it sticks. I bought a flat bastard file for this and was well worth it for the discounted price of Php179 from Php199. With a rubber plastic handle, it was convenient to use. I love it.
  8. Painted some of the kitchen window screens with aluminum-silver finish paint.
  9. Put in a new towel bar in the bathroom. The old one's rusting and the paint/plastic peeling off.
  10. Tightened one of the window screen frame in the rear bedroom by putting in a tox for the screw.
  11. Used Sphero white epoxy paint to paint the drain and some parts of the gates.
It was a lot of work for 2 days. I was so tired that I swear I briefly dozed off while sitting at the office!

And now I have a slight throat infection. I've been feeling this since Saturday but had to suppress and not think about it coz of the work we needed to do. I'm presently taking amoxicillin, carbocisteine and mefenamic acid (for the body pain).

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