Weak Fly

It must be the medz I'm taking and last weekend's fatigue that gave me the weak feeling today at the pool. The flys at the shallow end weren't as strong as before. In the first few short laps, I felt the arms didn't clear the water surface suficently. When I did the one-arm flys, the feet didn't synch well together as they kicked. I think I made 4-5 strokes one way on the 12.5m width. The strokes didn't feel strong nor fast enough. And the breathing was a disaster. So I just didn't breath for the last laps.

Nonetheless, I was surprised to find the water temp still pleasant. With all the rains the past few days and the cool nights, I thought it would've been colder. So that was a bit of good news. At the office, I felt very hungry and tired. My delts were sore too. Ahhhh..., the aging body creaks. So for brunch today, I had a hearty breakfast of Escabecheng Dalagang Bukid and Lumpiang Hubo't Hubad.

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