Another Cleaning Weekend

Ugh. Another back breaking work for DH and me. Unit C's much tougher than we thought! The previous tenants left it looking clean and good, but did some damage in the process. Some of the stuff we did:
  1. Replaced clay putty with Acrylic sealant (not so easy to apply as Silicone).
  2. Put in white sealant in door and door jamb gaps
  3. Pulled out (arrgh!) the old floor strainer which had nasty sharp edges poking out and replaced it with a new one.
  4. Scraped off peeling paint on the 2nd floor window sills and repainted with semi-gloss white latex.
  5. Scraped off flaking paint from the iron stair balusters and painted with epoxy paint.
  6. Repainted the floor strainer at the laundry area.
  7. Took out and scraped off some corroding parts of the CR screen frame and painted with Sphero Gray Epoxy paint. Apparently, Arelene's maid, Claire used some very strong cleaning acids that corroded and rusted some of the fixtures.
  8. Replaced one of the concealed hinges in kitchen cabinet. This needs further tweaking.
I'm feeling body pains all over - hips, thighs, butt, delts.

Just on a whim, I had warts cauterized today. We have it free at the clinic once a quarter and you need to sign up in advane. I didn't had my name listed prior. I just saw the sign at the clinic today and decided to sign on the waiting list. And I was right, there weren't many people there. It was my first time for this procedure and the one at my left eyelid was relatively bigger. It took the longest to burn. I guess I won't be swimming for a couple of days. I'll take the time to rest.

Today's the first day of classes for Che and Karen and I took them to school. Karen's a little tensed (coz of assignments?) while Che's smiling (must be the weight she lost). Good thing it didn't rain this morning although thunder was heard early on.

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