Fly on the Length

When I arrived, the pool looked really weird today. There were areas in the water that looked mysteriously blue while the rest was the usual light green tinge that I was accustomed to. The pool guy was also IN the pool today. Okay, must be cleaning time. When I dove and swam, I saw that in those blue areas the pool floor was brushed really clean! No wonder the color was so mysterious. I've been so used to the green tinge all these years that seeing those very clean tiles is new to me. The pool guy also had the vacuum on as he was cleaning the pool floor.

After a few widths of fly, I tried a whole length and finished only 3/4ths of the way. I'm still struggling on the breathing department obviously. It feels like I lose the little speed I have whenever I breath. For a short lap, I could breath on the third stroke. That means two strokes with head down and then breath on the third. If I breathed every stroke I'd be moving like a turtle. But still, I think I'll just try the lengths on the fly next time. Even if I fall short, I'd just resume from where I stopped. It's just a psychological barrier for now.

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